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Car Quiz 2

1. If you are approaching a stop sign, you must
Stop at the broken white stop line.
Stop at the broken yellow stop line.
Stop at the solid white stop line.
Stop at the edge of the road.

2. If you get a blowout or flat tire, what should you do first ?
Apply the brakes.
Hold the steering wheel firmly.
Pull off the road.
Maintain your speed.

3. What does this figure mean ?Enas Driving School car
A child care center ahead
A park ahead
Playground ahead
A school zone ahead

4. What should you do if fog closes in completely while you are driving, and visibility is reduced to near zero ?
Use your high beams.
Se your low beams.
Low down and take a detour.
Carefully pull as far off the road as possible and stop.

5. On a multilane roadway with a speed limit of 50 mph or greater, you must signal your intention to change lanes ………….. in advance.
At least 300 feet
At least 100 feet
At least 50 feet
At least 200 feet

6. Flashing arrow boards (panels) are often used to indicate
A detour ahead.
No entry ahead.
A yield sign ahead.
A stop sign ahead.

7. You must avoid ………….. while crossing railroad tracks.
Using brakestopping
Stopping or shifting gears
Using high-beam headlightssing
Low-beam headlights

8. A flashing red light at an intersection is equivalent to
A flashing yellow light.
Do Not Enter sign.
A stop sign.
Yield sign.

9. When you enter an interstate on-ramp, stay to the right and ……………… to allow your car to merge with traffic.
Decrease your speed in the deceleration lane
Increase your speed in the deceleration lane
Increase your speed in the acceleration lane
Decrease your speed in the acceleration lane

10. If your driving near school , you must slow down to …………… for the school zone.
10 mph below the established speed limit
5 mph
35 mph
The posted speed limit

11. If you are approaching an intersection with a non-operating, you should
Slow down at the intersection and proceed with caution.
Make a right turn at the intersection.
Stop before entering the intersection.
Stop after entering the intersection.

12. The likelihood of an accident increases if a driver is under the influence of
A cup of tea.
Softly playing music.
A cup of coffee.
Alcohol, some illicit drugs, or some prescription medications.

13. To enter a roundabout, you must proceed
In the opposite direction of traffic.
Toward the left.
In a counterclockwise direction.
In a clockwise direction.

14. When visibility is diminished, you must use low beams when you are
Approaching an intersection or traffic island at night.
Approaching a railroad crossing at night.
Within 200 feet of an oncoming vehicle.
Within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle.

15. This service sign indicates thatEnas Driving School car
A service area is available.
Parking is available.
Lodging is available.
Hospital service is available.

16. This figure indicatesEnas Driving School car
Vehicles must not cross the solid yellow line, except to turn.
Vehicles must not cross the dashed white line under any circumstances.
Vehicles must not cross the solid yellow line, except to pass.
None of the above.

17. This sign indicatesEnas Driving School car
The distance to the nearest exit.
The interstate highway number.
He interstate highway speed limit.
He exit number.

18. Which of the following statements about driving on highway is true ?
Faster vehicles must enter the highway through a deceleration lane.
Slower vehicles should use the right lane, and faster vehicles should use the left lane.
Lower vehicles should use the left lane, and faster vehicles should use the right lane.
Faster vehicles should pass slower vehicles on the right.

19. This sign indicates.Enas Driving School car
A stop sign in 1,000 feet.
Detour in 1,000 feet.
Road work in 1,000 feet.
The closing of the lane in 1,000 feet.

20. If a tornado is nearby, you must
Drive as fast as possible to avoid it.
Stop, exit your vehicle immediately, and go to a low-lying area.
Close all the doors and turn on your headlights.
Take a detour to the top of a bridge.